Mission Statement:  Calvary Baptist Women's Ministry seeks to equip women to be disciple makers through bible study, mentoring and fellowship.  We seek to glorify God through prayerfully planned activities and events that promote spiritual growth and are grounded in sound doctrine and biblical truths.  

Why Women’s Ministry?

What’s the point of being part of a group of women who aim to deepen their relationship with God?

When we talk to ladies who participate in the small group Bible studies at Calvary, the two words that come up most often are connection and accountability.

In a small group Bible study, women give and receive emotional support with other like-minded children of God.  We study together with other moms, daughters, sisters, friends, employees who are in various places in our walks with God.  We are women who have had similar and different experiences in our faith journeys, and this helps us process our own journeys as well as what we learn when we study God’s Word.

As part of a Bible study, women also hold each other accountable.  We encourage each other in our studies, and as we prayerfully spur each other on to become doers of the Word and not merely hearers only (James 1:22).  We want to learn, but we also want to do something with what we’ve learned.  We urge each other to live out the truths we uncover from God’s Word.

And that’s the most important reason to be a part of a small group Bible study: to learn God’s Word so we can further His kingdom by the example of our witness and by sharing the good news with others.

Won’t you join us?

If you’re interested, please contact one of our Women’s Ministry chairs – Jennifer Trull - Jennifer.Trull@cbcmonroe.org or Heather Hooks – heathermhooks3@yahoo.com.

You may also reach out to one of our small group leaders:
Brittany Austin     ~     Donna Godfrey
Randi Brinker     ~     Angela Brown
Wendy Laney     ~     Annette Luther
Casie Luther     ~     Tana Radosevic
Lisa Moore     ~     Lynne Thomas
Janice White

We’re here to help you get involved so you can experience what we all can gain and what we all can give when we’re in study and in ministry with other believers.